Ronny Romm – Hypnotist & Mentalist(ESP)

2 different shows…both will blow your mind! Ronny Romm has mesmerized audiences internationally, with both of his entrancing HYPNOSIS and ESP shows. His appearances have fascinated and astonished over 5,000 audiences in countless types of venues.

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ESP – Extra Special Presentation

If you thought ESP was Extra Sensory Perception, you haven’t seen Ronny Romm. Some people call it mind reading. His audiences call it astounding. Names, Phone Numbers, Dates. Scholastic grades. Occupational questions. Innermost thoughts known only to members of the audience. Ronny zeroes in on it all with amazing accuracy.
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Hypnosis. Is it sleep or some altered state? And why do people under hypnosis respond to the slightest suggestion?

Ronny enlightens you to these answers as he draws the audience into a side splitting demonstration of what hypnosis – and the human mind – can do. Imagine watching your friend in a body building competition, speaking Martian, or becoming a prima ballerina or even and army drill sargeant right before your eyes! These are just some of the characters who appear nightly in The Ronny Romm Show.

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Ronny in Action

Audiences don’t just like Ronny. They love him. To the tune of standing ovations, sold-out performances, and a rebooking rate of 90%. Because when Ronny leaves the stage, he leaves them crying for more. And he’ll leave you saying this was your most successful event yet. The Ronny Romm show can be tailor made to fit any event.