Colleges and Universities

“He is without a doubt the best Hypnosis and ESP act in the college market today!”

President of Campus Entertainment – The University of Maine, Orono – 10 Appearances!

“Outstanding performance, the entire theater was packed, people were standing in the aisles, and we would love to have Ronny back anytime!”

Special Events Chair – Susquehanna University, PA – 11 Appearances!

“Ronny’s show had us rolling for the entire two hours! There’s no doubt in my mind that Ronny is the best Hypnotist & Mentalist on today’s market, which is why no one hesitated to give him an immediate STANDING OVATION when the show was over!”

President Student Association – Michigan Christian College – 3 Appearances!

“Ronny’s show is a guaranteed sell-out every year, He even has a fan club on campus! Our students are amazed and crazy with sidesplitting laughter, I would whole-heartedly recommend this show to any school!”

Director, Campus Center – Amherst College, MA – 10 Appearances!

“Our student’s are still talking about the performance a month  later, Ronny   left the standing room only crowd wide-eyed and open- mouthed, It is not often we bring entertainers back to campus, but in Ronny’s case, we’re really looking forward to it!”

Co-Director of Campus Entertainment Prod. – Baldwin Wallace College – OH – 3 Appearances!

“Ronny is simply the best, He has the audience of over 3500 students in stitches and fighting to get on stage to participate!”

Activities/Program Coordinator, Bone Student Center – Illinois State University – 10 Appearances!

“I have never heard our students laugh as much as they did that afternoon, If I had only one show a year, it would be “The Ronny Romm Show”. He is without a doubt the best!”

Director of Campus Activities – Sullivan County Community College, NY – 18 Appearances!

“The Ronny Romm Show is the # 1 event at Mount Saint Mary EVERY year, I was almost late to class because I was talking to so many people who were raving about him. His performance can be summed up in just one word – AMAZING!”

Mount Saint Mary College, NY – 20 Appearances!

“That was so cool. How did he do that?”, “I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time”, “I hope he comes back again”, are just some of the comments I am still hearing the day after Ronny’s performance. His level of professionalism and knowledge of the college audience created a working relationship that I had previously just dreamed of.  We are already talking about his return!”

Director of Student Activities – Wesley College, DE – 6 Appearances!

“The Audience went wild! I have never seen our students laugh as much as they did that evening. They loved Ronny. I have one more question – WHEN CAN HE COME BACK?”

Student Activities Coordinator – Lynn University, FL – 4 Appearances!

“What can I say, Two STANDING OVATIONS in two years is outstanding and unheard of at our school!”

Director of Student Activities – Ferrum College, VA – 5 Appearances!

“I have never seen so many students completely  transfixed  by  anything, Ronny   is truly Amazing, the students are asking if that “awesome hypnotist guy” can come back next semester!”

Director of student Activities – Mitchell College, CT – 14 Appearances!

“Ronny’s show held the audience for 2 hours and they still wanted more! The amount of audience participation that took place was incredible and I’m sure helped in creating the STANDING OVATION that Ronny received!”

Program Advisor – Texas A & M University

“Ronny’s show was absolutely AMAZING! There’s no other way to say it. It made family weekend here at IUP a definite success. The constant applause and laughter made that apparent, also, never before has an entertainer been so professional, courteous and easy to work with!”

Recreation Chair, Entertainment Network – Indiana University of Pennsylvania – 3 Appearances!

“Once again Ronny captivated the audience for the entire two hours. The show brought groups of friends closer together. We plan to make this an annual event!”

Social Events Coordinator- United States International University, CA – 4 Appearances!