“The most entertaining show we’ve ever had at our camp in our family’s 50 year history!”

Robert W. Strauss – Owner / Director – Camp Wigwam – ME – RE-BOOKED 2X

“For the 2nd year in a row, Ronny Romm kicked off our Staff Week with an amazing program that got an easy standing ovation” … “If you aren’t working with Ronny Romm to bond your staff in unpredictable and profound ways, you are making a mistake!”

Will Rubenstein – Director, Camp Wingate* Kirkland – Yarmouth Port, MA – RE-BOOKED 4X

“Ronny’s annual show at Camp Laurel is always one of the campers’ favorite programs – the top of the list. We look forward to Ronny’s visit year after year!”

Matt Nieman – Director – Camp Laurel – ME – RE-BOOKED 5X

“We love having Ronny perform at Indian Head. The show is hysterical and the kids & staff can’t stop talking about it all summer. Great memories! We look forward to Ronny’s return!”

Matthew Layman – Special Events Director – Indian Head Camp – PA – RE-BOOKED 4X

“Ronny has mesmerized our campers for over 3 years thus far!  He has a grip on campers as young as 7 and as old as 17.  The counselors and senior staff love him as well!!!!”

Jill Kleinman – Owner/ Director – Camp Taconic – MA – RE-BOOKED 3X

“It was wonderful having you at Deerkill.  You made our staff party an unforgettable experience for all involved.  It was, quite frankly, one of the funniest shows I, and most of my staff, have ever seen.  We couldn’t stop talking about it for the rest of camp!  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the show surpassed even my highest expectations.  I’m sitting here laughing and smiling even as I write this one month later.  We look forward to having you return to Deerkill in the future!”

Todd Rothman – Owner / Director – Deerkill Day Camp – NY – STAFF PARTY

“We don’t generally bring outside entertainment to camp, but had heard such good reviews about Ronny Romm from other camp directors that we gave it a shot.  Ronny did not disappoint as he captivated the room with his energy and his skills and provided one of the most memorable evening activities of the summer!”

Jed Dorfman – Director – Camp Walt Whitman – NH – NEW CLIENT

“We had two great evening activities with Ronny Romm this past summer.  He did an amazing job of hypnotizing our staff and had the campers totally engaged throughout the night.”

Scott Rothschild – Director – KenMont and KenWood Camps – CT – NEW CLIENT –2 Dates 4 SHOWS 2014

“Ronny had the entire camp fully engaged in his program.  The campers loved seeing the staff up on stage.  Ronny was engaging, funny, and camp appropriate.  Overall, a successful program where campers and staff had a blast; what else could a camp director ask for!”

Justin Dockswell – Director – Camp Wicosuta – NH – NEW CLIENT & 2 DATES 2014

“Ronny was an instant hit with our campers…he was able to entertain an audience of 7-17 year old campers to the point where they asked if he could come back this summer!”

Director – Camp Lindenmere – PA – RE-BOOKING 4X

“The campers & staff had a ball”… “The Show was great”…One camper walked by me as the show was going on and said “This is the best evening activity we have ever had!”

Ken Shifman – Director – Camp Avoda – MA

“Both performances were different, appropriate, entertaining and fantastic!”

Marran Linsky – Assistant Director – Fernwood Cove – ME – RE-BOOKED

“Ronny Romm’s performance was energetic, hilarious and unique. He kept the kids engaged and on the edge of their seats for the entire performance.”

Samara Lender | Assistant Director – Camp Modin – Belgrade, ME

All of us here at Southwoods want to thank you for such an entertaining show. Our campers and staff have not stopped talking about the evening. Even though many had guessed that we would break Tribal War during your show, they became so caught up in the fun and energy you had created that it was a complete surprise for them when it happened. We look forward to having you back in the future.

Scott A. Ralls – Founder/Owner/Director – Camp Southwoods – Paradox, NY

“What an amazing show for both campers and staff. We can’t wait for next Summer and the kids are already asking if Ronny can come again”

Colleen McGourley – Director, Camp Kennybrook – Monticello, NY – RE-BOOKED 5X

“A hysterical night”…. “Staff had a blast”

Amy Weinberg – Associate Director – NJY Camps – Milford, PA – RE-BOOKING