“Ronny is simply the best, his ability to captivate an audience is extraordinary. Our guest’s talk about him for the rest of their stay.”

Entertainment Director – Rocking Horse Resort Ranch, NY – RE-BOOKED 300+ TIMES

“A smashing success each and every time, just a great performer and performance. Our guest’s love him.”

Entertainment Director – Woodloch Pines Resort, PA – RE-BOOKED 200+ TIMES

“How did he know that? Or how could he possibly have known that about me? Are just a few of the comments we hear for day’s following everyone of Ronny’s Performances. He is truly a pro’s pro.”

Entertainment Director – Hudson Valley Resort & Spa, NY – RE-BOOKED 100+TIMES

“Ronny’s Act is truly professional and unique. Audiences from Teens to Senior Citizens are in awe of his presentations.”

Anita Peck, Proprietor – Williams Lake Resort & Conference Center, NY- RE-BOOKED 100+TIMES

“No matter what type of an audience we throw at him. Ronny’s performances are a guaranteed success each and every time. He is a major topic of conversation for days (and for staff weeks) to come.”

David O’Halloran, Proprietor- Pinegrove Resort, NY – RE-BOOKED 300+ TIMES

“What can I say about Ronny, he’s the best & he drives our guests absolutely crazy. It’s not a show; It’s an event, not to be missed.”

Charlie Cera, Proprietor – Polaces Family Resort, NY – RE-BOOKED 200+ TIMES